Why are there piles of leaves and clippings left on the ground in Whitfield Gardens?

Garden waste on ground.
Future investment. Garden waste makes good compost.

“Why are there piles of dead leaves and bits of plants left on the ground? It makes the park look untidy. Can’t you take them away?”

This is a question someone asked us recently, and there is a simple answer.

Removing the fallen leaves and cuttings from garden maintenance requires someone to bag them them up and take them away, usually in a truck and then they are disposed of elsewhere. Obviously this is bad for the environment but it is also a waste of time and money and it also starves the gardens of valuable nutrients that should be returned to the soil.

Leaving the dead leaves and cuttings in piles and allowing them to decompose has both less of a negative environmental impact and allows nature to do its job of continuing the lifecycle. Woody pieces left in piles are also valuable as they attract insects that are eaten by birds.

It may not look tidy, but leaving piles of dead vegetation to decompose is cheaper, less environmentally harmful and is better for the soil.

The only thing that should be removed from the public open space is the rubbish that people leave there.

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