Trimming the beech hedge at Crabtree Fields

Beech hedge.
Beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge has been trimmed to promote density for wildlife habitat.

Friends have this winter trimmed the large beech hedge in Crabtree Fields. We reduced the height of the hedge by about 30 cm and gave the sides a light trim to encourage thickness.

Volunteers used hand tools and the work was done over a couple of weeks in February. It will need a further trim at the end of August. If clipped it doesn’t shed its leaves, and provides a year-round dense screen, which provides a great habitat for garden birds.

Beech is native to Britain and makes an important habitat for many butterflies. Its foliage is eaten by the caterpillars of a number of moths, including the barred hook-tip, clay triple-lines and olive crescent. The seeds are eaten by mice, voles, squirrels and birds.

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