Repairs and maintenance at Crabtree Fields this autumn and winter


The Friends group have asked Camden parks’ department to make a repair to the pergola at Crabtree Fields after a section of timber broke on Friday 11 October. The Friends group fenced off the area under the pergola and alerted Camden to carry out an urgent repair.

The Friends have identified further repairs where sections of timber supporting the wisteria, ivy and kiwi vines are rotten. We will try to arrange for these sections to be repaired without damaging the greenery it supports, which is a much needed and well-loved feature of the public open space.

In November the Friends group will be filling the gaps in the beech hedge by planting new trees to restore the hedge to its formal shape and improve the habitat for wildlife. Several of the beech plants have died and need replacing. This work is being done thanks to a generous donation from someone who works in Fitzrovia, is a frequent visitor to the park and who is paying for the new beech plants.

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