Over a hundred trees planted this autumn and winter at Crabtree Fields

Some of the trees we planted during the first week of December.

The Friends group have now completed our sessions of winter planting in Crabtree Fields. This past week we planted nearly 100 saplings, thanks to the The Conservation Volunteers Dig Trees’ scheme which supplied the trees. In November we planted 30 trees provided by the Woodland Trust.

During this final session we planted a mix of English oak (Quercus robur), common alder (Alnus glutinosa), green beech (Fagus sylvatica), silver birch (Betula pendula), hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), common dogwood (Cornus sanguinea), and goat willow (Salix caprea). We’d like to thank TCV and OVO Energy for providing these.

The tree planting is part of national scheme by TCV and sponsored by Ovo Energy.

The green beech came in very handy to fill the gaps in the main perimeter beech hedge along the east side of the park. Trees often succumb to disease or vandalism and it is just a matter of replacing the plants as needed.

We used our collection of fallen leaves to cover around the base of each tree as a mulch to protect them and to stop grass and other plants taking hold and competing for water and nutrients.

Almost all the trees will be grown as hedges. Some will be allowed to grow taller to increase the tree canopy in the park. In time the plants will provide a habitat for wildlife and increase biodiversity.

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