Spring blossom on a plum tree at Crabtree Fields

Plum (Prunus cerasifera) blossom in February at Crabtree Fields, Fitzrovia, London.
Plum (Prunus cerasifera) blossom in February.

Signs of spring are showing at Crabtree Fields: blossom on a plum tree, near the Colville Place gate.

Plum (Prunus cerasifera) is one of the earliest trees to blossom in the park. It is native to southeast Europe and western Asia. It was introduced to Britain so long ago that it has become naturalised in the UK. Non-native species such as this are known as archeophytes; species introduced after 1492 are known as neophytes.

In Camden, the council keeps a database of trees where you can look up the tree if it is growing in the street, in a public park or on council owned land. Below is the entry for the plum at Crabtree Fields.


Number Of Trees1
Scientific NamePrunus cerasifera
Common NamePlum
Inspection Date07/03/2018
Inspection Due Date2020/2021
Height In Metres6
Spread In Metres2
Diameter In Centimetres At Breast Height15
MaturityMiddle aged
Physiological ConditionFair
Capital Asset Value For Amenity Trees£1,456.39
Carbon Storage In Kilograms23.1
Gross Carbon Sequestration Per Year In Kilograms2.1
Pollution Removal Per Year In Grams12.6

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