Month: September 2021

  • Crabtree Fields closing times, autumn to winter 2021

    Crabtree Fields will open at 07:30 hours daily and close at the following times from September 2021 to January 2022. The opening and locking is done by Camden’s contractor idverde. MONDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2021 19.00 HRSMONDAY 04 OCTOBER 2021 18.30 HRSMONDAY 18 OCTOBER 2021 18.00 HRSMONDAY 25 OCTOBER 2021 17.30 HRSSUNDAY 31 OCTOBER 2021 16.30 […]

  • Autumn maintenance and planting at Crabtree Fields

    Now that the main nesting season is over we can start our programme of autumn maintenance and preparation for planting of trees at Crabtree Fields. The beech hedge has already been trimmed and the other hedges are due to be cut over the next few months. Camden’s contractor idverde is expected to trim the hedge […]