Autumn maintenance and planting at Crabtree Fields

Wild flowers in bloom.
Native annual wildflowers planted by the Friends.

Now that the main nesting season is over we can start our programme of autumn maintenance and preparation for planting of trees at Crabtree Fields.

The beech hedge has already been trimmed and the other hedges are due to be cut over the next few months. Camden’s contractor idverde is expected to trim the hedge alongside Colville Place.

The Friends group are working to restore the internal hedges. One low hedge just to the west of the pergola has had a few new trees planted thanks to donations from neighbours. We will also plant a few dozen small trees to restore the hedge behind the benches along the southern wall of the park. In total we will be planting around 100 small native trees provided free of charge by The Woodland Trust.

Camden parks department will be carrying our maintenance on the pergola to replace rotten timbers. They also have plans to renovate the children’s playground.

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