Pergola repairs and spring wildlife at Crabtree Fields

Wisteria in bloom.

Wisteria in bloom.
Wisteria in bloom on the pergola at Crabtree Fields. Photo: Linus Rees.

Contractors working for Camden Council completed repairs to the pergola at Crabtree Fields earlier this month, in time for the main bird nesting season and before the wisteria (pictured) came into bloom.

The Friends group had pressed Camden’s parks department for the past few years to make the repairs after the volunteers had had to carry out their own repairs, such was the delay in getting the essential work done.

The work has now been completed satisfactorily and the pergola is good for another couple to decades.

Pergola in park.
The renovated pergola. Photo: Linus Rees.

The structure is a centre piece of the park which first opened in 1986 after a campaign by local people and the Charlotte Street Association to convert a former bomb site and car park.

The pergola supports a number of vines including wisteria, ivy, kiwi, Virginia creeper, and wild roses.

The vines create an ideal habitat for nesting birds including wrens, blackbirds and robins.

The Friends group carries out nature conservation work in the park every Saturday morning and to improve habitat for wildlife and improve biodiversity by planting wildflowers.

A variety of birds are currently nesting in the park. These include blackbirds, robins, great tits, wrens, goldfinches, as well as pigeons, crows and magpies. Please do not touch or disturb any nests or nest boxes and please keep noise to a minimum.

At dusk common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) bats can be seen flying in the park and feeding on insects.

Occasionally a sparrowhawk will visit the park and kill a pigeon. If you see a pile of feathers this is the result of a kill.

The friends have created a variety of habitats to support insects, including a dead hedge and brash piles. Please respect these insect homes. They may look untidy but they are an important habitat for wildlife.

Please do not feed any wildlife in the park and use the bins provided or take your litter home.

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